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Personalized Convention Guides – A New Media

Applying innovative thinking to expand the services, provide answers, and develop marketing insights for host convention center and its convention attendees.

Convention Guide Overview of Personalized Content

  • CTV client and non-CTV Convention client covers. Designed to be synergistic with CTV hotel programming and/or personalized for participating conventions.
  • Personalized message from organization officials and VIPs, and elected officials from host city welcoming convention attendees.
  • Personalized message from host convention center welcoming convention attendees.
  • Convention Information
  • CTV Introduction Awareness Campaign
  • Convention’s Personalized Introduction Page
  • Pages for Major Sponsors
  • Conference & Expo Floor Map
  • Major Sponsors
  • Exhibitor Directory

Common to all conventions is the section for host city. Here is an overview of what’s included.

  • Dining and Entertainment
  • Shopping centers and retail shops
  • Activities
  • A section for a conventioneer’s insiders guide to the host city
  • Advertiser Directories
  • Promotional Opportunities

Here are some written testimonials on CTV’s Publication services.

“The ABA-TV publication worked well in combination with ABA-TV and unlike other handouts was used daily be attendees rather than once and disregarded as many meeting handouts often are. The comprehensive local and meeting content was a big hit with both attendees ad exhibitors.”

Andre Burke
Assistant Director Meetings & Travel Department, American Bar Association

“We are enthusiastic about the synergy between your new publication and the Convention Television programming you are distributing in the Center and to the hotels. These are the value added services that will keep the Moscone Center ahead of the curve in accommodating the needs and desires of our clients in San Francisco.”

Richard H. Shaff
General Manager, Moscone Center

*Several options are available for City Wide Conventions in San Francisco & Honolulu. A minimum of 6 months notice is required.
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