About Convention Television

What Is CTV?

Convention Television (CTV) has long been acknowledged as the leader in a relatively new media niche known generically as “convention television’…

Established in 1999, with launch of the spectacular Hawaii Convention Center, in Honolulu, Hawaii, CTV earned its stripes immediately by producing its first show for the American Dental Association, 4 days of quality programming, culminating in the debut of ADA’s “100 Years Of Dentistry” corporate story, created just for that occasion.

In ensuing years CTV’s acumen and flair for “narrowcasting” (to all high end, HQ and attendee hotels) produced some of the most effective convention coverage in the country, with clients such as PCMA, The American Bar Association, American Association of Orthodontists, and a multi year contract with the National Association of Realtors.

In 2011, CTV was selected to produce APEC-TV for the 2011 APEC multinational meetings held in Honolulu, with President Obama presiding.  APEC-TV was shown in over 28,000 Oahu Hotels, and “repurposed” world wide via the internet, and an array of smart devices.   The APEC challenge, and successful fulfillment resulted in a paradigm shift that continues to this day.

An iPad 2, preloaded with APEC-TV was given as a gift to each world leader in attendance.  APEC 2013 will be held in Russia.

CTV is high end & scaleable to meet specific needs ranging from daily messages from your groups president, key interviews, and a proven Exhibitor Coverage Program that has proven effective in driving traffic the the Exhibition Floor, as CTV provides exposure to exhibitors far beyond the brick an mortar hours they are typically confined to.

CTV offers an array of sophisticated touch screen, and social media kiosks, and can provide expert advice to including all forms of social media to the mix.

CTV’s finance programs provide opportunities  our clients to self liquidate the cost of programming, and to generate significant revenue at the same time. Under most circumstances, our clients own all content generated for their event, a value virtually impossible to beat, especially when considering the production style, hosting, hotel and world wide digital distribution is included.

Old fashioned value, cutting edge technology!

Since its inception, CTV has expanded to The Moscone Center in San Francisco, the Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, and Marriott Marquis Hotels in California.

CTV prides itself in its team of professionals, from marketing to production..

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