More Than a New Look, It’s a Paradigm Shift

In The Beginning

Since it’s inception in 1999, Convention Television launched with its familiar yellow and black logo. The logo was actually created in a Motion Graphics Studio. Four separate components of the logo would come together on-screen to form the CTV logo. The video version of the logo was adopted and has been on our masthead ever since.

Then, A Paradigm Shift

In August of 2014, CTV was selected by the Hawaii Host Committee of the Asian Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) to produce APEC-TV, along with its production partner, 1013 Integrated of Honolulu, Hawaii. APEC in Hawaii was a once in a lifetime honor for the State of Hawaii, to have the leaders of 21 World Economic Powers and its leaders, hosted by the United States, and President Obama.

It was truly an honor in being selected to produce APEC-TV and along the way, we discovered that what had always been true was now shifting into a new paradigm..

In this day of the Internet, Smart Devices and Social Media, distribution to just the traditional brick-and-mortar hotel room was longer good enough.

Powerful Content: Created Locally … Accessible Globally.

To effectively meet the unprecedented demand of a huge impending international event, CTV’s best and brightest created a fundamental shift at the very core of CTV.

CTV-Digital’s new path was created … a path so simple, yet so powerful … and more than capable of handling today’s event communication needs.

Powerful and interactive content is still generated at the local level, but now accessible globally via real-time streaming online, our client’s websites, touch-screen kiosks, iPhones, Android devices and tablets.

By the Opening Day of APEC, APEC-TV was viewed in 28,000 Waikiki Hotels, both by  dignitaries and attendees, as well as worldwide by hundreds of thousands and still today through active online archives.

And so a new direction and logo was born at CTV-Digital in response to this new dynamic paradigm shift in event communications. We are proud to offer all our digital CTV services – or any combination thereof – to our clients in meeting – and exceeding – their communication needs at their next convention, tradeshow, conference or event.

For further information, contact: Mark E. Jensen, President & Executive Producer, 808-371-3535.

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