In addition to Convention Television’s already successful hotel delivery system for clients nationwide, CTV announces it capability to create live streaming internet connectivity.  It was a natural evolution…

This new technology enables associations and the like to connect, literally, to it’s world wide membership, offering enticing glimpses of the array events held during a convention, without showing too much and serving as a replacement for actually attending the meeting, every meeting planners goal!

It’s easy, surprisingly affordable, and as with our traditional convention coverage, quality is our priority.

A live video stream is a special type of online video that is delivered in real-time from the “talent” to any number of guests. It is delivered from the convention site to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which in turn delivers the live video stream via a Website to each member connecting to the service.  Meetings and events have traditionally produced a website, or what has become electronic brochures, to deliver our message.  We need to find a way of keeping people on our websites long enough to educate them about our differentiated offerings.  The average web visit is less than a minute – a minute for the prospect to decide if you offer what they need.  All the while never interacting with a human. And never providing you an opportunity to gain their time and attention.  Live streaming video provides the opportunity to become approachable, lengthen the time with the visitor and demonstrating the value of your organization rather than claiming it.  Online video, with its ability to capture a person’s attention quickly using both sight and sound, is becoming imperative to those who expect their online presence to do more than act as an electronic brochure.  The ability to use online video as entertainment and education has mirrored the world of television.  Many companies are making Live Streaming Video a part of their marketing, branding, training, services and online revenue-generating practices.  And by recording your live streaming video production in a manner as to allow for the reuse as either a high-quality video-on-demand offering or a DVD extends your reach even further.

View our webcast demo below.


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